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Chaos - Tzeentch Arcanites Changecult Battleforce

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Product Overview:  Chaos - Tzeentch Arcanites Changecult Battleforce



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Included are the following 47 plastic miniatures: - A Tzaangor Shaman, wielding a ritual dagger and staff of change atop his elaborate Disc of Tzeentch; - A set of 3 Tzaangor Enlightened, armed with spears – these can be assembled riding Discs of Tzeentch or on foot; - A set of 3 Tzaangor Skyfires, armed with greatbows, atop Discs of Tzeentch, with the option to build one as an Aviarch; - A set of 20 Tzaangors, with a huge selection of weapons and customisation – savage blades, arcanite shields and sets of axe and pick, along with 48 (!) heads; - A set of 20 Kairic Acolytes, each armed with a selection of a cursed blade, a pair of cursed blades or a cursed blade and arcanite shield. Included are the bases necessary for the kits – 7 40mm Round bases and 40 32mm Round bases – along with a Warscroll Battalion.

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