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Order - Kharadron Overlords Skyfleet Battleforce

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Product Overview:  Order - Kharadron Overlords Skyfleet Battleforce



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Included are the following 16 plastic miniatures: - An Arkanaut Admiral, armed with a skalfhammer and volley pistol, encased in ornate armour; - An Arkanaut Frigate, featuring a heavy skycannon or skyhook as a front-facing main weapon, with aethershot carbines, grudgesettler bombs, skymines and detonation drills attached to the hull; - A Grundstok Gunhauler, featuring a choice of sky cannon or drill cannon; - A set of 3 Skywardens, with aethermatic volley gun, skyhook, drill cannon and grapnel launcher, along with options for a Custodian; - A 10-model Arkanaut Company, each clutching a privateer pistol and Arkanaut cutters, with options for skypike, multi-barrelled aethermatic volley gun or light skyhook. Included are the bases and stems necessary for the kits – 1 105x70mm Oval base, 1 120x92mm Oval base, 4 32mm Round bases, 10 25mm Round bases, 2 50mm Ball Socket Flying Stems and 3 25mm Groove Flying Stems, along with a Warscroll Battalion.

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