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Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire

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Product Overview:  Warhammer Underworlds - Shadespire



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Everything you and a friend need to play games of Warhammer Underworlds is included in this box. Contained within: - A Stormcast Eternals warband, made up of 3 push-fit, blue plastic Liberators (Angharad Brightshield, Obryn the Bold and their leader Severin Steelheart); - A Khorne Bloodbound warband, made up of 5 push-fit, red plastic Bloodreavers (Karsus the Chained, Blooded Saek, Targor, Arnulf and their leader Garrek Gorebeard.) Both of these warbands are Easy To Build, with no glue necessary and a comprehensive, easy to follow construction guide; - A 32-page rulebook, including the story of Shadespire’s rise and fall, and all the rules you need to play; - A quick-start sheet, featuring a brief introduction to the game; - 2 double-sided game boards, featuring hexes and objectives; - 2 pre-built decks of power and objective cards, for use with the included warbands; - 8 double-sided Fighter cards, providing the stats and information needed for the fighters in each warband at a glance; - 5 attack dice and 3 defence dice; - 9 double-sided objective tokens; - 1 Katophrane Artefact token; - 2 Shardfall tokens; - 30 wound tokens; - 46 double-sided glory point tokens; - 15 double-sided move and charge tokens; - 15 Guard tokens; - 8 activation tokens.

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